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4.99 /month

Dedicated servers at unbeatable prices, available in 120 seconds,
protected by Anti-DDoS and connected to an ultra performance global network.
What more could you ask for?

Our Kimsufi servers

For all the following models, the setup fees are
9.99 excl. VAT .

Freq.RAM Disk Network IPv6Price/monthQuantity
KS-5Xeon 2 x E550449978c / 8t 2 GHz+16 GB ECC2 TB 100 Mbps/12824.99 excl. VAT
KS-4ACore™ i7-92050034c / 8t 2.66 GHz+16 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps/12821.99 excl. VAT
KS-3BCore™ i5-75037404c / 4t 2.67 GHz+16 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps/12819.99 excl. VAT
KS-3AAMD Opteron 412229422c / 4t 2.2 GHz+16 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps/12819.99 excl. VAT
KS-2AAtom™ N28006402c / 4t 1.8 GHz+4 GB 1 TB 100 Mbps/1289.99 excl. VAT
KS-1Atom™ N2800
Atom™ D425
2c / 4t
1c / 2t
1.86 GHz+
1.8 GHz+
2 GB 500 GB 100 Mbps/1284.99 excl. VAT

*Benchmark index tested with PassMark Performance Test

Freq.RAM Disk Network IPv6Price/monthQuantity
KS-6Xeon 2xE553077238c / 16t 2.4 GHz+24 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps/12829.99 excl. VAT
KS-4CCore™ i5-230052924c / 4t 2.8 GHz+16 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps/12821.99 excl. VAT
KS-4BCore™ i5-3570s65684c / 4t 3.1 GHz+16 GB 1 TB 100 Mbps/12819.99 excl. VAT
KS-3CCore™ i3-2130/324040592c / 4t 3.4 GHz+8 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps/12816.99 excl. VAT
KS-2CCore™ i3-213040592c / 4t 3.4 GHz+8 GB 1 TB 100 Mbps/12814.99 excl. VAT
KS-2BAtom™ N28006402c / 4t 1.86 GHz+4 GB 40 GB SSD100 Mbps/1289.99 excl. VAT

*Benchmark index tested with PassMark Performance Test

Services included with your server

Anti-DDoS protection

Monitoring & GIT technicians on-site 24/7

Triple electrical supply

99.9% network SLA

60 preconfigured distributions

Simplified administration interface

Remote reboot and reinstallation

Personalised reverse

Kimsufi: who for and what for?

The affordable Kimsufi servers are perfect for getting started on the web.


Move from theory to practice with a server that will support you throughout university and beyond. Discover the role of a sysadmin and enhance your skills.


Host a personal or community website or applications on your own platform. Manage your sites with simplified control panel administration.


Manage your server with our range of bare distributions. Test and deploy environments and developer tools. Discover new technologies.

Remote desktop and storage

Use your server as a desktop PC to make your documents, music and videos available online, from anywhere!


take advantage of our low prices to market
Kimsufi server all over the world

Kimsufi Community

OVH servers and Kimsufi: a perfect match
for Soundytics

Kimsufi Forum

Get the latest news on Made in Kimsufi innovations, ask the community for advice and post your feedback on your server usage.

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