About Kimsufi

Kimsufi — affordable dedicated servers from OVHcloud

Kimsufi servers are powered by the expertise of OVHcloud, Europe’s leading cloud services provider.
With more than 400,000 servers in total, the Group has a unique model for producing and operating servers in its own datacentres.

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What is the Kimsufi range, now available on OVHcloud’s Eco dedicated server line?

Kimsufi’s server offerings were designed to meet a specific market need: budget-friendly dedicated servers with zero compromise on performance. To succeed in meeting this demand, OVHcloud has implemented an eco-friendly approach with total control over its value chain. With the circular economy, server components can have a second lifetime after various tests. These components are then reassembled into a Kimsufi server. The reuse and refurbishment of components are part of an eco-responsible approach, which can now be found in the OVHcloud Eco range.

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400,000+ servers
in operation

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30+ datacentres

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1.6+ million
customers in 140 countries

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20+ years
of innovation

Complete control of the server production chain: Our integrated model

Choice of hardware: We design servers using components selected with both performance and durability in mind.

Server maintenance: Through rigorous, continuous maintenance of our infrastructures, we can leverage the full performance of our components for as long as possible, and under optimal conditions.

Redistribution between datacentres: Our servers are logically distributed between our network datacentres, which avoids any unnecessary production.

Component reuse: Since we design and build our own servers, we have full control over how we use the components. When servers are disassembled, each component is tested to evaluate its capacity for reuse.

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A thorough verification procedure for guaranteed quality

Through Kimsufi, we are committed to providing you with high-quality servers. Each server in the range undergoes a series of tests on delivery, to verify its technical compliance and ensure that it is operating properly under all conditions.

We check:

  • The processors (compliance, load testing, temperature)
  • The RAM (size, memory test)
  • The BIOS (BIOS version, virtualisation)
  • The disks (speed, S.M.A.R.T test, firmware versions, etc.)
  • If an error is detected, one of our technicians will replace the faulty hardware on the machine.