Kimsufi vs Eco servers

Kimsufi servers are now in the Eco range — what are the differences?

Kimsufi servers are now only available to order as part of the OVHcloud Eco range. However, they still have all the same technical features. Please note that in the future, we will migrate all Kimsufi customer accounts to OVHcloud accounts. The goal of this is to offer a unified experience, by grouping all your dedicated servers together in the same OVHcloud Control Panel.

Eco Range

What changes should you expect?

  • I am not a Kimsufi customer yet
    Kimsufi servers from the Eco range are designed to give you maximum performance at an affordable price. They are optimised for the most common uses: hosting websites and business applications, development and pre-production environments, game server hosting, etc. However, for more complex projects, we recommend our Bare Metal server range. They come with more powerful components, a wider range of included services, more options for advanced customisation, an extended network, and up to 99.99% service level agreement (SLA). This makes them capable of meeting resource-intensive production needs.
  • I am already a Kimsufi customer
    You can continue managing your Kimsufi dedicated server from the usual OVHcloud Control Panel. You also get the same included services and options, as well as technical support. Furthermore, your servers are always maintained and repaired in the event of any technical issues. If you have signed up to a commitment, there will be no changes.

In short, everything will stay the same for you.

Where can I order a new Kimsufi server?

You can find Kimsufi dedicated servers listed on our Eco range page.

However, you will need to create an OVHcloud customer account, if you do not have one already. There, you will find the Kimsufi servers you have ordered. Want to order the same server again? You will find it on our dedicated server page, with the same configurations.

Please note that you can also order So you Start and Rise servers here. These machines have different features, depending on your requirements and budget. So you Start servers will give you 250Mbit/s bandwidth and more memory. This makes them perfect for hosting your first online store, for example. With 500Mbit/s bandwidth and excellent storage capacity, Rise servers are suitable for all types of online applications. In addition, they come with a 99.90% SLA.