Dedicated Servers

Maximise your return on investment with a Kimsufi dedicated server

A wide range of affordable dedicated servers, available in France and Canada.
IPv4 address, anti-DDoS protection and unlimited public bandwidth* included.

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The advantages of Kimsufi servers

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A range of configuration options

We offer a wide range of machines, so you can select the best configuration for your project. Kimsufi dedicated servers are equipped with Intel processors and SATA SSD disks.

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Present where you are

Kimsufi servers are available in our French and Canadian datacentres. If you want more choices in locations in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region, you can select one of our other Eco server ranges.

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A range of services included

To help you get the most out of your solution, we include a range of services in your server price. We include: OVHcloud anti-DDoS protection, an IPv4 address, unlimited public bandwidth*, and a 99.90% service level agreement (SLA).
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A server for getting started at a lower cost

The Kimsufi server range is perfect for launching your web projects. With affordable prices, you can get started at the level you need, then scale up with our other dedicated server ranges as your requirements increase.

Dedicated server solutions for all your needs

Get peace of mind with a dedicated server provider that covers all your current and future uses. For every project, there will be a suitable configuration designed by our expert teams. Launch and develop your services, then upgrade them with OVHcloud solutions.

Tech experts and developers

As a developer, create environments to test your code or create small applications. Whether you are looking to host your personal projects or projects ordered by your customers, you get a fully configurable machine at a low price.

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While ideas in themselves are valuable, they require iterations and a lot of testing before they become a service offered to customers. Start developing on an Eco Kimsufi dedicated server, and scale up your services with more powerful solutions offered by OVHcloud. Whatever challenges you face, our ecosystem can support you.

Already need to upgrade?

Explore our other dedicated server ranges.

Your questions answered

Why choose a dedicated server?

The best solution for you will depend on your project, its technical nature and its associated requirements. The dedicated server gives you total freedom in terms of how you configure your machine, offering a highly customisable environment. This is the best solution if you want a range of operating systems to choose from, as well as all of the software and programming languages required for your project to succeed.

What is included with your dedicated server?

We include a range of services and features with your dedicated server:

  • 1 IPv4 address
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • A range of operating systems to choose from
  • High availability guaranteed by an SLA: 99.90%
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Technical support via ticket

Compare the technical specifications of Eco dedicated servers before making your choice.

Which operating systems and distributions are compatible with Eco Bare Metal dedicated servers?

With your Eco dedicated server, you can choose your environment:

  • Windows Server operating systems
  • Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian distributions
  • Microsoft SQL Server database systems
  • cPanel and Plesk administration interfaces
  • VMware, Windows Hyper-V or Proxmox virtualisation software

View the list of compatible operating systems and distributions.

What is the difference between a dedicated server and a shared hosting plan?

Dedicated servers and shared hosting packages are solutions that serve completely different purposes. Here is a brief comparison:

Dedicated server

  • You are the server’s only user.
  • Resources are dedicated.
  • It is fully configurable.
  • You are free to choose the programming language and software.
  • It is suitable for most uses.

Shared hosting plans

  • Several customers share a server environment.
  • Resources are shared between users.
  • It is pre-configured to host websites.
  • Users are limited to a few programming languages and software (PHP, MySQL, HTML).
  • It is perfect for hosting a medium-sized website that does not experience traffic spikes.


What is the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS?

The technical aspects of a dedicated server and VPS are:

  • A dedicated server is a physical server with no virtual layer or special configuration.
  • A VPS is a virtual private server created from a physical server, with virtualisation software installed on it.

A dedicated server provides raw computing resources, such as CPU and RAM, a large amount of disk space, and total freedom in how you use and configure your machine. It is suitable for all web projects: business hosting for high-traffic websites, cloud computing, and even complex infrastructures with multiple servers.

A VPS (virtual private server) offers virtual resources that can be increased on demand. It is designed to deliver performance that fits its user’s requirements as closely as possible, with the ability to track project progress by adding resources for further flexibility. This makes it a perfect hosting platform for medium-sized websites, applications and a variety of services.

Both solutions are available with different operating systems, and the most popular Windows and Linux distributions. You can also order your server with a cPanel or Plesk control panel pre-installed.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server, also referred to as a bare-metal server, is a physical server offered without an application or software layer. You get a machine that is completely dedicated to your use, and it is fully customisable. You can install your choice of operating system, and create the perfect environment for your project. Depending on the resource configuration you have chosen, it can be used for hosting e-commerce websites, creating a fleet of virtual servers, designing an architecture dedicated to big data or machine learning, and much more.

Which dedicated server should I choose?

Your dedicated server must meet specific technical specifications, which you determine to fit your needs. Resource requirements are often the main determining factor for what you choose. This means you need to identify which resource type is most important for your project — between processor performance, RAM and storage technology. The bandwidth should also be taken into account, as it determines your server’s capacity to process the transfers required for your web applications and services to work. It also influences the speed at which data can be transferred. Location is another factor to consider for your dedicated server. If your website is located far from your end users, they may experience high latency. You can also select the best product for your needs based on the varying range of features offered in each server range, as well as their included components.

*Excludes datacentres in the Asia-Pacific region.