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Looking to publish your webpage, blog or small store online?

Get a quick, easy start with the cheapest web hosting plan, which includes all the essentials you need to launch your website online.

Web hosting
For getting started online
$1.34 /month

1 free domain name*
1 GB disk space
2 email addresses
WordPress installed

What are the advantages of hosting your website with OVHcloud?

Managed hosting

By opting for an OVHcloud Web Hosting plan managed by our teams, you can focus on your business. Our turn-key hosting plans offer simplicity, flexibility and optimal performance — so you can launch your website straight away. Our infrastructure is monitored 24/7, and kept constantly updated to ensure maximum security for your data.

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Detailed statistics and logs

Track your website’s growth using the OVHcloud Control Panel. It will give you a detailed analysis of traffic per session, pages visited, average session time, and more. Find out which browsers your visitors use, where they are based, and many other statistics that will help you develop your business.

Backup and restore

Whether it’s a configuration error, content deleted by accident, or a critical file on your website that has become corrupted, there are many reasons to keep website backups. Fortunately, we have thought of everything. Get a backup and restore tool for your files and databases. It is fully automated on your hosting plan, and you can use it to restore your files to D-1, D-2, D-3, D-7 or D-14 if necessary.

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1-click CMS

In addition to your all-inclusive hosting plan, you get a tool that can be used to install a content management system (CMS). In just one click, you can automatically install WordPress as the basis of your website. Simply customise the structure and design of your webpages, then add your content to them.

Why join the OVHcloud ecosystem?

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Support and documentation

With our multilingual guides, you can find all the support you need for every step of your web projects. You can also reach out to our technical support teams for further expertise on your online services.

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Mutual support

Joining the OVHcloud ecosystem means enjoying the benefits of:

  • OVHcloud Community, our community space.
  • Exclusive benefits dedicated to partners, through the OVHcloud Partner Program.
  • Various service offerings, through the OVHcloud Marketplace.
  • Anti-DDoS protection enabled on all of our servers.
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Comprehensive solutions

All our business solutions are available on our website. You can get everything — from basic to advanced web hosting, collaborative solutions, email accounts, and much more. If your business grows in the future, our VPS solutions, dedicated servers and cloud computing services can meet new challenges for website and application hosting.

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Simple and ready-to-use

Getting started with web server administration? You’re in the right place. Our web hosting solutions are designed to work with services that are easy to access, and easy to use. For example, in just a few clicks, you can install a free SSL certificate on your Web Hosting plan, and get HTTPS protocol on your website.

Want a comprehensive solution to launch your website or e-commerce platform?

Opt for a Professional Hosting plan.

Your questions answered

Which hosting package should I choose for my website?

Each Web Hosting plan is designed to suit a specific purpose.

  • Need individual hosting for your webpage, online CV or personal blog? Choose our OVHcloud Starter Hosting or Personal Hosting solutions.
  • For business hosting, which involves one or more websites or an e-commerce store, choose our Professional or Performance Hosting solutions.
  • If you want to develop more flexibly with a wider range of programming languages (Node.js, Python, Ruby), and get SSH access, choose our Cloud Web hosting solution.

Please note that our Web Hosting plans support HTML, PHP and the MySQL relational database management system.

What services do I need for my website?

Like a computer, your hosting system has a hard disk with a defined storage volume. This is why it is essential to choose a hosting plan with enough disk space to store your files.

You also need to reserve a domain name and link it to your web hosting plan, so that web users can access the content you publish on your website. It is important to take care when choosing a domain name, because it not only represents your website address, but it also represents your company’s brand image.

We also recommend creating email addresses linked to your domain name. This fosters trust and a solid brand image for communications with both existing and future customers.

As for security, HTTPS protocol has become the norm. Web browsers always check for an SSL certificate on your Web Hosting plan.

You will also need FTP access delivered by your hosting provider to access your server, and transfer your files onto it.

Finally, we recommend anticipating the way your business will grow in the future. You can do this by opting for a Web Hosting plan that offers a slightly higher capacity than what your website needs to function optimally.

What is the difference between dedicated hosting and a shared hosting plan?

There are two main types of web hosting plan: shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

With shared hosting, multiple customers share a server and its resources. This means you get a service that is very affordable, pre-configured and ready-to-use. This is the perfect solution if you want simple, low-cost hosting.

A dedicated hosting plan is an isolated service for each customer. This can be a physical server or VPS with central processing resources (CPU), RAM, and bandwidth dedicated to one or more users. Users are not affected in any way by the resource usage of other server occupants. In all cases, each user’s services and data are fully isolated.

What is website hosting?

There are billions of websites on the internet. They are created all over the world, available from one place, and accessible via an internet connection. Many of these websites rely on the expertise of web hosting providers, who offer custom web hosting services in their datacentres. At the hardware level, it is a computing server that is continuously connected to the internet, and the website’s databases and files are stored on it. When this hardware is paired up with a domain name, you have a comprehensive solution for publishing your website across the globe.

Why choose an affordable web hosting plan?

There are several reasons why you might want a low-cost web hosting plan. The first, most obvious reason is the money you can save. Compared to any other hosting solution, shared hosting is the most affordable and popular option for administrators of small websites.

Secondly, there is the benefit of only paying for the resources you use. Some solutions come with a lot of resources included, such as an unlimited number of databases, or a high volume of storage space — but if your project does not need all of these resources, why pay for them? The best hosting plan is one that delivers the power your projects need to function optimally.

*The following extensions are included for a period of one year with any purchase of an OVHcloud web hosting plan, then renewal is charged at the annual price for the extension selected from the following list: .com, .shop, .store, .tech, .me .live, .space, .xyz, .online, .site, .pro, .cloud, .blog, .name, .ovh, .boutique, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .fr .re, .be, .it, .de,, .pl. Not valid for extensions that include free transfer.