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About Kimsufi

Very affordable dedicated servers!

To guarantee the best prices, Kimsufi has chosen to keep only essential components and services. Kimsufi servers are now sold both directly and via thousands of resellers, to customers across five continents.

Kimsufi servers are powered by OVHcloud's datacentres in North America and Europe, as well as its own fibre optic network and anti-DDoS technology. This is why Kimsufi servers offer the high service quality experienced by thousands of users.

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Do your projects need more powerful machines, environments, options, services and guarantees that Kimsufi doesn't offer?

Explore our other server ranges:
So you Start Dedicated Servers (from £22.99/month) and
OVH Dedicated Servers (from £44.99/month),

with Failover IP, Windows licences , advanced support or even vRack*(private network between your servers).