Cookie usage policy

Cookie usage policy

Welcome to the OVH Group websites.

Our cookie usage policy details the ways in which companies under the OVH Group use your browsing data and any other data associated with using and accessing websites and other media (advertising banners, emails, etc.) from the OVH Group, directly or through advertising content on other websites.

You will also find information on your rights, and how to exercise them.

This data is communicated in compliance with the regulations in effect, particularly the European directive concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of private lives in the electronic communications sector (2002/58/EC), which outlines that storage, collection and access to data on your device is permitted under the condition that you have received information on the purposes of this data being processed, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the GDPR), and subject to essential cookies that you have consented to.

1. The various cookies

Under the terms of this policy, the terms "cookies and other trackers" or "cookies" refer to all of the trackers left and read while users browse websites and other media from the OVH Group within the European Union, and member states of the European Economic Area (EEA). This includes HTTP cookies, flash cookies, tags (also known as invisible pixels and web bugs), scripts, and fingerprinting results. This policy applies, regardless of whether or not the data collected by the cookies is personal.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that can be sent by websites via your browser. Cookies are stored on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you visit certain websites. Cookies allow companies to store and gather data regarding website visitors' browsing habits and hardware, then recognise the visitor using the data gathered.

The data collected through these cookies may concern the number of pages visited, the language chosen, the city that your IP address is connected to, the frequency and recurrence of your visits, visit duration, the browser used, and the operator or device type that is being used to visit the website.

What is a web tag?

Otherwise known as pixel tags, invisible pixels, clear GIFs, web bugs or web beacons, web tags are small pieces of autonomous code, or an image present on certain pages to monitor and track traffic.

What is fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting creates a unique ID for the server browsing a webpage based on elements of its configuration, for tracking purposes.

2. The cookies used on OVH Group websites

Generally, there are different reasons for using cookies.

(A) Certain cookies are necessary for the OVH Group websites to work properly, and for enabling you to access and log in to your account using essential features. Essential cookies are solely designed to allow for electronic communication.
They are vital for the online communication service you are using to work, and they will be used to enable you to log in to your user session, display the page requested in an appropriate format for your screen, allow the website to work in an optimal manner, and provide a browsing experience that:

  • Ensures quality and security for browsing the website, namely in the process of ordering a product or service, and measures the loading times for various page elements.
  • Stores the data entered into form fields when the user loads a different page.
  • Allows the user to stay on the same host server for an entire session duration.
  • Redirects the user to the local website or language version that matches the country they seem to be visiting from.
  • Manages traffic spikes.
  • Takes into account the user's acceptance or refusal with regards to analysing the data collected on the website.

In compliance with the regulation previously mentioned, they are used without requiring your consent. However, you can block and/or delete them using your browser settings. Your user experience and browsing security may be degraded as a result. Certain pages and features may also be inaccessible (the OVHcloud Control Panel, shopping basket, etc.).

(B) Other cookies are also required for improving the browsing experience. Improvement cokkies enable websites to:

  • Collect and analyse information on the behaviour of users visiting our websites, in order to improve the way they work (namely improving the performance and visibility of pages, for example).
  • Deliver value-added services aimed to improve user experience, such as virtual assistant (chatbot) services, live chat, and the click-to-call button.
  • Secure our websites by detecting unusual activity, for example.

In compliance with applicable regulations, they are used with your consent.
These cookies are not essential for the website to work properly. However, refusing these cookies may make value-added services difficult to use, or completely unavailable, whereas they would usually improve your user experience.

(C) Other cookies are used to offer you OVH solutions related to your interests. Advertising and custom cookies are designed to offer you content and solutions that are adapted to fit your centres of interest on the OVH Group websites, and improve the relevance of our announcements on partner websites. By disabling cookies, the content and solutions we offer will no longer be adapted to suit your preferences, and may be less relevant. In compliance with regulations, they are also used with your consent.
These cookies are not essential for the website to work properly, but are required for offering you solutions that are relevant to your interests. They are used to deliver you more adapted content by:

  • Collecting visitor data regarding the use of the website visited.
  • Tracking clicks that direct to the website concerned.
  • Improving the relevance of digital campaigns.
  • Identifying website visitors redirected via an advertising campaign displayed on a third-party website.

(D) Other cookies allow users to share OVH content on social networks and other third-party websites (third-party cookies). These cookies allow users to access and use software tools and platforms (such as social networks, video streaming solutions, etc.) offered by third parties, make the website more user-friendly, and help it get promoted via OVH website content being shared on third-party platforms.
In this case, data related to website visitors, their browsing and their actions associated with the content they are interacting with is accessible by these third-party platforms. OVH Group websites insert different social modules and pixels that enable users to request content from the platforms that deliver it. In this case, the platforms delivering these modules are considered as data controllers under the GDPR when they determine the purposes and means of processing data in line with their confidentiality policy. For this reason, certain features on the website are dependent on services offered by these third parties, and leave cookies. The websites delivering these third-party cookies, app buttons and extensions may request for users to log in via the button, even when the user does not use it while they browse the website. In compliance with regulations, they are also used with your consent.
OVHcloud strongly recommends reading the confidentiality policies for these third parties:

Details of cookies used on OVH websites

This section details the cookies and other trackers identified on OVH Group websites.

Most of the cookies and other trackers used by OVH expire after the session, or after a maximum period of 13 months, in compliance with recommendations of the CNIL (French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty), a leading body for all OVH Group websites. The trackers used on OVH Group websites can be those from OVH, or from a select number of third parties.

a. Essential cookies

These cookies are used solely for the purpose of improving electronic communication. They are required for our website to work properly. In line with the regulations currently in force, these cookies do not require your consent to work. They enable you to log in to your user session, and guarantee security for the process of ordering products and services.

ServerID67665 / ServerID255
OVHTo maintain and preserve the consistency of the user journey during the session.SessionHTTP cookie
clientSideUserIdOVHTo maintain and preserve the consistency of the user journey during the session.SessionHTTP cookie
OVHSESSIONID / PHPSESSIDOVHTo maintain and preserve the consistency of the user journey during the session.24HHTTP cookie
Catalog.XX.baremetalServersOVHBasket.SessionHTTP cookie
Ovhcomshop.legacy_orderOVHBasket.SessionHTTP cookie
dedicatedADSL / dedicatedSDSLOVHBasket.SessionHTML Local Storage.
Selected-language / univers-selected-languageOVHDetects your selected language.13 monthsHTTP cookie
Availabilities.baremetalServersOVHDisplays server availability.SessionHTML Local Storage.
ovhnewOrderOVHBasket.SessionHTTP cookie
SentrySentryWebsite security, and website error reporting. Script
TC_optout / TC_PRIVACY_CENTER / TC_PRIVACY / TC_optout categoriesTag CommanderTo apply the choices regarding consent expressed by the user.13 months 
FDLBCTLYTag CommanderLoad management.SessionHTTP cookie
tCdebugLibTag CommanderTo enable the log console.1 MonthHTTP cookie
TCID / WID / TagPerformance / Tag PerfTag CommanderTo reduce the loading time for different elements of the webpage visited, with monitoring and analysis indicators.13 monthsBeacon
_TCCookieSyncTag CommanderMost recent sync date for cookies.1 yearHTTP cookie


b. Cookies for improving browsing experience

Algoliasearch-client-jsAlgoliaAdds keywords and page descriptions. HTML Local Storage.
__cfuidCloudflareWeb analytics and website surveillance. This cookie left by Cloudflare enables trusted traffic to be identified.13 monthsHTTP cookie
Act.php / nxtck.comCommanders ActClick and Site tracking (v.3.5), Conversion - purchases (v.3.5), Conversion (v.3.5), Website tracking only (v.3.5): Attribution template management. Script
Dydu_push_global / Dydu_clientId / Dydu_push_session / Dydu_lastvisitfor / Dydu.popin / Dydu.push.dialogstarted / Dydu.common.contextId / Dydu.common.lastcontextid / Dydu.common.language / / Dydu.loading.states / Dydu.sidebar / Dydu.teaser / DYDU.STEP STATE / Dydu.top3Do You Dream UpTo deliver a chatbot. This tool performs a range of actions, the purposes of which are to provide you with the correct answer to any questions you ask it when you visit our website.13 monthsHTTP cookies and scripts
Dydu.livechat.userwritingcontentinfoDo You Dream UpA cookie containing the message that is being entered by the user. This is useful for showing the operator what the user has begun to type, even if they change their text halfway through.Session (10 minutes)HTTP cookie
_ga, _gat and _gidGoogleWeb analytics related to podcasts.13 monthsHTTP cookie
kameleoonVisitorCodeKameleoonEnables the same variant to be attributed across different visits (visitor's Kameleoon ID).380 daysCookies
kameleoonData / kameleoonVarsKameleoonEscalating A/B test data.380 daysLocal storage daysScript 
kameleoonOpenTabsKameleoonManaging the tabs opened for A/B test tracking.380 daysLocal storage
kameleoonSimulation / kameleoonSimulationShortURL / kameleoonSimulationVisitorData / kameleoonFullApplicationCodeKameleoonEnables OVH project teams to quality-test campaigns before putting them online.1 hourLocal storage
kameleoonVariation-${variationId}KameleoonManaging variant assignment in tests.SessionLocal storage
kameleoonExperiment-${experimentId}KameleoonManaging variant assignment in tests.30 daysLocal storage
kameleoonDisabledForVisit / kameleoonActiveScriptKameleoonEnables OVH teams to manage tests for ongoing visits.SessionLocal storage
kameleoonAnalyticsTrackingTimesKameleoonOptimally escalating A/B test data.SessionLocal storage
kameleoonLegalConsentKameleoonSaving user consent choices for A/B tests.380 daysLocal storage
kameleoonPersonalization-${personalizationId}KameleoonManaging variant assignment.30 daysLocal Storage
kameleoonGlobalPersonalizationExpositionKameleoonManaging the scenario that leads to the test.380 daysLocal Storage
DCInfosOVHTo carry out multi-variable tests, and combine or modify a website's content depending on what it is being displayed on.SessionHTML Local Storage.
Piano Analytics Smart tag (custom) / tracking emails, pages and salesPiano AnalyticsTo analyse user behaviour and purchases.13 monthsScript
ATidvisitor / atuseridPiano AnalyticsTo analyse the user journey and store data on the visitor identified (a measure of audience).6 monthsHTTP cookie
Idrxvr / XiTiPiano AnalyticsTo monitor and analyse traffic, and identify the visitor.13 monthsHTTP cookie
_pk_idPiwik (Matomo)Analyses website visits.13 monthsScript
_pk_refPiwik (Matomo)Analyses website visits.6 monthsScript
_pk_ref /_pk_cvar / _pk_sesPiwik (Matomo)Analyses website visits.30 minsScript
Wannaspeak Popin / Wannaspeak Popin WWWannaspeakTo detect which country, page and method are used to visit the website, in order to respond to your callback request with an operator who speaks your language.Session 

c. Advertising and custom cookies

_ni /_ni_v??24 monthsHTTP cookie
UserID1adition.comAdvertising.13 monthsHTTP cookie
Uuid2AppNexusTo present adverts to users that have already visited the Group's pages, purchased products from it, and to recommend products and services based on this activity.13 monthsHTTP cookie
Gum.criteo.comCriteoAdvertising.13 monthsScript
1P_JAR / ANID/ APISID / CONSENT / HSID / NID / OGP / OTZ / SAPISID / SID / SIDCC / SSIDGoogleAdvertising.1P_JAR (1 month) / ANID (1 year) / APISID (2 years) / CONSENT (20 years) / HSID (2 years) / NID (6 months) / OGP (1 month) / OTZ / SAPISID (2 years) / SID (2 years) / SIDCC (3 months) / SSID (2 years)HTTP cookie
_gcl_awGoogleThe Conversion Linker tag records data concerning clicks on adverts.2 monthsHTTP cookie
AID / DSIDGoogleTo enable Google to link your activity with different devices if you have already logged in to your Google account on another device.13 monthsHTTP cookie
IDE / doubleclick.netGoogleTo save and report user actions on the website to Google (DoubleClick) after they have viewed or clicked on one of the adverts, with the aim of measuring efficiency and presenting targeted advertising.13 monthsPixel
Adwords MCC – Lead conversionGoogleTo configure lead conversion tracking. Script
Adwords MCC – Product Purchase PageGoogleTo configure conversion (purchase) tracking. Script
MCC – Generic – Global site tagGoogleTo track conversions (Google Ads). Script
trk.phpKwankoAffiliate platform management.13 monthsUnique pixel / nr-1123.min.jsNew RelicAdvertising.13 monthsHTTP cookies and scripts
_mkra_stck / _prefinery_session / prefinery_impressions / prefinery_vimpressionsPrefineryTo send data submitted in forms to a SaaS platform used by OVH.13 monthsHTTP cookie
ra1_uid, ra1_pdRp.gwallet.comAdvertising.13 monthsScript
Ads_client_uuid / ads_config_v3Spreaker.comAdvertising.13 monthsHTML Local Storage.
TCPID/TCSESSIONTag CommanderTo pay players who have been involved in a user performing an action as a result of an advertising campaign.13 monthsHTTP cookie
Tc_cj_v2 /tc_cj_v2_cmpTag CommanderTo pay players who have been involved in a user performing an action as a result of an advertising campaign.13 monthsHTTP cookie
Uid_sZebestof.comAdvertising.30 daysHTTP cookie

d. Cookies from third-party platforms

Certain features of the OVH Group's websites (e.g. sharing content on social networks, direct video streaming, etc.) rely on services offered by third-party platforms. These features leave cookies that mainly allow these platforms to analyse your browsing. You can read about the nature of these cookies, accept them, or refuse them. These cookies enable you to use third-party tools, software and platforms (e.g. social networks, video streaming solutions) on our website. This makes it more user-friendly, and helps promote it via OVH Group website content being shared on third-party platforms.

_fbpFacebookTo offer our website visitors targeted advertising on their platform.13 monthsHTTP cookie
PixelFacebookEnables us to offer our website visitors targeted advertising on their platform, based on data related to HTTP headers, pixels (ID, Facebook cookies), then save and report the user's actions on the website to Facebook. Unique pixel
LinkedIn Insight TagLinkedInTo help us offer our website visitors targeted advertising on their platform, based on data concerning user visits to OVH Group websites such as the URL, referrer, IP address, features of the device or browser (user agent), and timestamp.90 daysScript
ts / ts_c / akavpau_ppsd / _paypal_storage_PayPalEnables payments via PayPal, and ensures security.SessionHTML cookie
_twitter_sess / ads_perfs / auth_token / csrf_same_site_set / ct0 / daa / dnt / eu_cn / external_referer / guest_id / kdt / personalization id / remember_cheked_on / syndication_guest_id / tfw_exp / twidTwitterEnables the user to view content from Twitter directly on the website, in their language, and interact with it. HTML cookie
_widgetsettings / local_storage_support_testTwitterPlace widget. HTML Local Storage.
vuid / player / muxData / vimeo_gdpr_optinVimeoVimeo uses these cookies to collect analytical data, in order to understand how their services are used. HTML cookie
Sync_active / Sync_login HTML Local Storage.
Remote.js, base.js, embed-player.jsYouTube (Google)To help the user view multimedia content directly on the website. To do this, Google directly places cookies for advertising purposes. Script
Yt-edu::membership-join-impression / yt-html5-player-modules / yt-player-bandwith / yt-player-headers-readable / yt-player-volume / yt-remote-connected-devices / yt-remote-device-id / yt.innertube::nextld / yt.innertube::requests / GPS / visitor_info1_live / yscYouTube (Google)To help the user view multimedia content directly on the website. To do this, Google directly places cookies for advertising purposes.SessionHTML Local Storage.

3. Cookies and third-party media

Entities in the OVH Group are presented in different types of media (websites, social networks, etc.) managed by third parties, on which they publish content and launch campaigns that display advertising messages.

When you view or interact with OVH content or advertising shared on third-party media, this browsing data can be communicated to OVH (namely via the use of Pixels). Its purpose is to ensure that the content and campaigns shared are relevant (e.g. knowing if you have visited our website or viewed certain pages after an advertising campaign).

The diffusion of OVH advertising on third-party media may be linked due to the fact that the cookies stored on your device (e.g. a cookie left during a previous visit to an OVH Group website) reflect a potential interest in products and services from the OVH Group.

Moreover, when you visit third-party media, cookies may be installed on your device. To find out more, please read the usage policies for cookies that apply to the third parties.

4. How do I manage cookies?

In compliance with regulation (EU) 2016/679 relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this data (the GDPR), the agreement of the users whose data will be processed must be expressed by using the correct settings on a browser or other application.

  • Browser settings

    Browsers offer a number of rules allowing users to express their choices in terms of cookies. Regardless of their purpose, you can authorise, block and delete cookies stored on your device by setting your browser options. For the latest browsers, you will find indications via the following links:

    Finally, please note that disabling a cookie may stop you from being able to browse the website and use the services it offers, or make them more difficult to use. For further information on this, please read part 2 above, entitled "Cookies used by the OVH Group websites".

  • Managing scripts, tags and banner cookies

    OVH uses a tag management solution that centralises scripts, and as a result, the collection of your consent in accordance with the terms and conditions and usage that enable you to use a user-friendly, intuitive solution. This means you can manage the various features that leave cookies (adverts, social media buttons, videos and other modules inserted into the website's pages) by centralising the area for collecting consent via the cookie banner.

5. Exercising your rights

In compliance with the legislation related to the protection of personal data, you have the right to access, rectify, oppose, limit and delete personal data concerning your identity. This may be exercised in application of the previous point of the cookie policy, or by contacting the person delegated for data protection via the form designed for this purpose.

If, after contacting us, you decide that your rights have not been respected, you can also address a complaint to the competent data protection authority.

Find out more:
OVH's leading body (CNIL) also shares information you can refer to, in order to find out more about cookies, how they work, and how you can oppose their usage.